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"Heartbreak and Bad Jokes" is a 70-page collection of 35mm photographs and words about sexual assault that was made with pain and love by survivors.

Photographs and curation by Helena Gruensteidl.

Words by anonymous survivors.

Some words are from friends, family, therapists, college counselors, strangers, song lyrics, and movies. Other words are from self-doubt, self-reminders, self-hatred, and self-love.

"Heartbreak and Bad Jokes" will be available as a limited release of 100 copies in 2021. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to RAINN to help survivors of r*pe, abuse, incest, and domestic violence. Read more about RAINN here.

"Heartbreak + Bad Jokes" is currently available at several bookstores around Denver including Mutiny Information Cafe, Kilgore Books, and Awakening Boutique.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy online, please place your order here.

total raised to date: $204

If you would like to share your art made in the aftermath of trauma, please email your work (signed or anonymous) to Work will be periodically posted to this page. 

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